What color should the mother of the bride wear?

What color should the mother of the bride wear?
Traditionally, the mother of the bride wears a color that harmonizes with the
wedding’s overall tones while avoiding anything that might overshadow the bride. The ideal choice for the mother’s gown depends on the wedding theme, the season and location.

The classic colors picked over and over by many are burgundy, black, silver, and champagne. These are elegant and timeless choices that have stood the test of time.  SOUCY offers a wider possibility stepping into the different shades of pinks and grays. A dusty, muted pink with brownish undertones or a rose pink with hushed tones of gray are excellent choices too. Also, a SOUCY staple is making that sophisticated gown that every mother of the bride wants to wear with a patterned fabric. Floral or geometric patterns are an outstanding choice for a timeless look. 

Ultimately, the mother of the bride should go for a color and or a pattern that makes her feel comfortable and confident. Aiming for the appropriate formality of the occasion and complementing the bride’s gown without upstaging it.

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